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Cement Bonded Particle Board

Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB) is manufactured mainly from the familiar and proven raw materials - Cement and Wood Particles - to which a very small quantity of additives is added to 'mineralize' the wood particles.

In summary the principal attributes of CBPB are:

  • Durability
  • Fire resistance
  • Freeze-thaw resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Resistance to termites, fungi, insects and vermin
  • Suitable for external and internal applications
  • Suitable for application in all climate conditions.

CBPB is suitable for exterior and interior use; it is asbestos free; it contains no hazardous volatiles and its process dust is regarded as non-aggressive.

CBPB Applications

CBPB is a versatile building material, it's weather resistant properties make it particularly suitable as an external building material.

Typical applications are:

  • Prefabricated Houses
  • Cladding for all types of structures
  • Permanent Formwork
  • Sound Insulating Partitioning
  • Flooring
  • Wet Room Linings

Standard dimensions and density of CBPB

2400 up to 3600 mm / 8' - 12'
1200 / 1250 mm / 4'
4 - 40 mm
ca. 1250 kg/m3
Modulus of Rupture:
>9 N/mm2 (CEN Norm)

Other dimensions and densities are possible as well.

Production of CBPB

Although our engineering team has been involved in several (turn-key) CBPB Plants and or upgrading of existing CBPB Plants, Eltomation no longer offers such turn-key CBPB Plants. In view of product flexibility and advanced board properties, we offer the new (WWCB)/EltoBoard Plant as a more economic and technically better and more versatile alternative to the CBPB technology.