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Large WWC Wall Element Plant

Eltomation has recently developed a new production line for the manufacture of Large Wood Wool Cement Wall Elements.

The data below provides information on the following plant types as supplied by Eltomation:

A. Stand alone Large WWC Wall Elements Production Line:
The newly designed Large Element Line allows the production of full-size homogeneous Wall Elements of up to 6 m length, 2,6 - 3 m height and 35 – 50 cm thickness. These Wall Elements provide a high thermal insulation as well as a high heat storage capacity. These full-size wall elements allow the production of pre-fab housing units.

For more pictures of the Large Element Plant, click here.

The Large Element Production Line is amongst others equipped with an ELTOMATIC CVS-16 Rotating Wood Wool Machine, an advanced Cement Dosing System and a Continuous Mixer, which allows a production capacity of up to 9.000 kg/hour of fresh mixture. Furthermore, the LE Plant is provided with a 3 m wide Forming Station for the uniform filling of the Large Forms, as well as a conveying system for the automatic transfer of empty and full Forms. The Large Element Production Line includes a CNC Sawing and Milling Centre for the automatic cutting and milling of Large Elements to precise dimensions (including openings for window-frames, electrical wiring, etc.). Furthermore, a Stucco Applicator has been added to allow the complete finishing of these pre-fab wall elements in the controlled environment of the factory, in order to reduce on-site labor during construction and as a result strongly reduce construction time.

Plant Performance:

Based on a standard Element of 2,8 m x 6 m x 0,4 m (6,72 m³) and a density of 330 - 350 kg/m³, the LE Plant enables the production of up to approx. 22 standard Elements per shift.
Based on a combination of various sizes of one- and two-story houses (ranging from e.g. 72 – 160 m2 living space), the annual capacity of the line, based on 2-shift production (16 hours per day), allows for the production of Wall Elements for up to 1.000 houses per year.

Element dimensions:

The following Element dimensions apply:

2.600 - 3.000 mm
300 - 500 mm
up to 6.000 mm


The density of the Elements is approximately 330 - 350 kg/m3.

Raw Material and Raw Material Consumption:

The Raw Material Consumption per day, working two (2) shifts, based on the indicated production capacities is approx.:

Wood wool:
40 ton
68 ton
44 m³
Salt solution:
2.9 ton

Wood wool is produced from small-diameter soft wood, mainly Pine (Spruce) or Poplar / Aspen as raw material. For example wood from forest thinnings is suitable. The wood should be healthy and free from fungul attack or rot. Cement is common OPC Portland Cement, such as CEM I 52,5 N.

Labor requirements:

The following labor requirements apply, including labor for maintenance, warehousing, cleaning, etc.

Number of personnel per shift: 16-22
Plant management is to the discretion of Client.

Power consumption:

Based on a full production capacity, the total installed electrical power and electrical power consumption are approx.:

Installed Electrical Power:
approx. 1000 kVA
Electrical Power Consumption:
approx. 750 kW

Building and land requirements:

An overall floor space of approximately 50 - 60 m x 180 m (9.000 - 10.800 m2) should be adequate for this LE Plant. This includes sufficient floor space for the Equipment and First and Second Setting Areas. Additional floor space may be required for storage of finished goods and for further processing such as pre-fab construction of houses (subject to local conditions). The overall building should have a clear height of approximately 7 metres minimum. Furthermore, for proper handling it is suggested to have an overhead crane above the storage area for the Elements, which requires a clear height of minimum 8 -10 m.

To allow for future expansions, it is suggested that approx. 3-5 HA land area is available.

Budget Pricing:

The budget pricing for the Eltomation scope of supply is as follows:

Large Element Production Line: EUR 8.500.000,-- to EUR 9.000.000,--, subject to final scope of delivery.

This price includes engineering, project management, an estimate for CIP/CIF shipping charges as well as Installation Supervision and Commissioning charges. A detailed list of the items supplied by Eltomation is provided in our detailed System Proposal, which will be provided upon request.

Locally supplied items (such as fork lift trucks, cement silo's, waste/dust recovery system, Moulds, etc.) are not included in the Eltomation Price and are to be sourced locally by Buyer. Eltomation will provide technical specifications for these locally sourced items.

B. Combined Large Element and (60 cm wide) WWCB/EB Plant (Combined LE/WWCB/EB Plant).

The Combined LE/WWCB/EB Plant is a combination of the Large WWC Wall Element Production Line and a Fully Automated WWCB / (EltoBoard) Plant.
Such Combined LE/WWCB/EB Plant allows the client to simultanously produce Large Elements (for outer walls) AND 60 cm WWCB (and/or EltoBoard) for e.g. partitioning, roofing boards, etc.. This full range of products allows the production of pre-fab housing units from one plant location.
For more information on the WWCB (/EltoBoard) Plant, reference is made to our Budget Data for the Wood Wool Cement Board / EltoBoard plant.

By optimising the layout, both lines fit side by side in a building of 72/90 x 252 m and may combine equipment/uitilities for wood supply, cement supply, dust extraction, compressor, etc.
The actual number of shifts determine the space needed for storage of daily production.

The budgetprice for such Combined LE/WWCB Plant ranges from EUR 18 – 20 Million, subject to final scope of supply.